CPESN® Missouri

Mission Statement: The CPESN Missouri mission is to offer enhanced patient services through a network of community-based pharmacies, addressing patients’ unique medication use needs and co-managing patients in collaboration with an integrated care team, ensuring positive health outcomes and reducing overall health care costs. 


The Missouri Pharmacist Care Network (MO-PCN), an already existing LLC under the Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA), executed the CPESN USA Chapter Affiliation Agreement in July, 2017, establishing CPESN Missouri.  CPESN Missouri operates under the umbrella of MO-PCN, which administers multiple Missouri programs and initiatives.  MO-PCN’s network development experience and momentum has been beneficial and uniquely positions CPESN Missouri. 

CPESN Missouri has been actively engaging pharmacies statewide on the CPESN movement.   Pharmacies may go to http://www.mo-pcn.com/cpesn for additional CPESN Missouri information.  And, Missouri pharmacies may watch for the latest news and updates via the weekly MPA CEO Insider and statewide CPESN Missouri specific communication.


CPESN Missouri Minimum Service Set

The CPESN Missouri minimum service set aligns with CPESN USA:

  1. Comprehensive Medication Reviews - Systemic assessment of medications (including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal medications, and dietary supplements) to identify medication-related problems
  2. Medication Synchronization Program - Alignment of patient's routine medications, manual or electronic based, to be filled at the same time each month
  3. Immunizations - Act of screening patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, education patients about needed immunizations, and administering immunizations, or refer, when appropriate
  4. Medication Reconciliation - Process of comparing a patient's medication orders to all medications the patient has been taking (active, chronic, as needed, and OTC including herbal) to avoid medication errors
  5. Personal Medication Record - Comprehensive list of current patient medications, manually or from dispensing software


CPESN Missouri Luminary

A foundational component of each CPESN network is the luminaries.  A luminary is a local pharmacist who helps support CPESN Missouri pharmacy recruitment and the network’s launch, with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality and high integrity patient care services.

Tripp Logan, Pharm.D., Southeast Missouri Community Pharmacist and CPESN USA National Luminary, has been actively engaged in the CPESN nationwide initiative.  Tripp serves as the CPESN Missouri Lead Network Luminary.  Tripp shares his CPESN vision, “By aligning Missouri pharmacies around like enhanced service offerings, we can drive new patients, opportunities, and payment models to Missouri CPESN pharmacies.  A benefit of partnering with CPESN USA to do this, is we create the ability to also align with pharmacies outside of Missouri for regional and national opportunities, thus creating a national network of local networks.” 


For further details regarding the CPESN history, please see this previous MPA quarterly magazine article: MPA magazine.


For immediate questions, please contact:
Tripp Logan:  tlogan@semorx.com or 573-683-3307
Michela Newell : michaela@morx.com or (402) 990-6567

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