CPESN® Missouri

Mission Statement: The CPESN Missouri mission is to offer enhanced patient services through a network of community-based pharmacies, addressing patients’ unique medication use needs and co-managing patients in collaboration with an integrated care team, ensuring positive health outcomes and reducing overall health care costs. 


CPESN Missouri has been actively engaging high-performing pharmacies statewide since 2017. Our network is committed to expanding pharmacy patient-care services, promoting a team-based care model, and supporting pharmacy contracting and collaborative partnerships.


“By aligning Missouri pharmacies around like enhanced service offerings, we can drive new patients, opportunities, and payment models to Missouri CPESN pharmacies.” 

– Tripp Logan, PharmD, Southeast Missouri Community Pharmacist and CPESN Missouri Lead Network Luminary


If you are interested in joining, would like more information, or have questions, please contact:

Annie Eisenbeis, PharmD, MBA


583-636-7522 ext. 329

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